How we can help?

Your plants and turf require excess nutrients, which the sandy Florida soil typically cannot naturally supply. In order to ensure that your landscape is developed and maintained properly, it is important to apply the proper material to avoid damage and keep a full, healthy lawn. When your lawn is at its best, it can help reduce the need of excess irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers. We can develop a custom fertilizer program that specifically targets the needs of your lawn.

Saint Augustine Floratam is the most popular choice of sod in South West Florida, and it is important to know which nutrients it requires to be healthy. While there are many micronutrients that help your turf grow and stay healthy, the correct balance of the main nutrients found in Florida-specific fertilizers are essential for a full, green yard. Those major nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. When these ingredients are managed correctly, along with proper trimming and watering, a full, rich, green lawn is the obtainable. The healthier your lawn becomes, the more you increase the natural prevention of insects, fungus, weeds, and other harmful outside influences that can cost big money in property damage and home value.